Screen Printing and Transfers

Unleash the Beast!

Need custom apparel printed? Beast Printing offers quality screen printing and digital transfer services for individuals, companies, schools, family reunions, or for any other occasion. We will help you take your idea and make it a reality.

We print on high quality products from top name brands.

Some of the t-shirt brands we carry include:

  • Jerzees
  • Hanes
  • Gildan
  • District Threads
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Bella

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We have a garment to fit every budget and need.

Whether you need promotional giveaways or if you’re starting your own fashion line, our in house art department and printing specialists will give your job the specialized attention it deserves.

Customer Provided Shirts. An option unique to us compared to many other t-shirt companies is that we do allow our customers to provide their own shirts. We do have some restrictions on this policy; please contact us for more information about this policy.

Screen Printed Custom T-Shirts

Beast Printing, your source for screen printed apparel!

Choose the style or brand of apparel for your sports team, family reunion, business promotion, or group. A large selection of t-shirts, athletic team wear, sweatshirts, and tees for men, women, and children is available in a variety of styles and hundreds of colors

Screen printing is the most durable process for printed apparel. We offer several ink colors or we can even produce a nice gradient effect! Ask us about our color options available.

We offer:

  • Low minimum order of 12 screen printed t-shirts.

Prices listed are approximate and are subject to change.

Prices do not include setup fees, tax or any shipping fees.

Digital transfer printing: One color vinyl or Photos on T-Shirts

There are two processes used for digital transfer printing. The first option applies a single color durable vinyl material to the shirt, this is a great option for one-off shirts of your own design. The second option produces color variety with high quality. It’s greatest advantage is that you can print one image on your custom t-shirt, for example photos, with many color variations and gradients.

The digital printing process has more possibilities for the lower quantity orders; however, it is not as long lasting as screen printing. After some time, the digital printing colors may show signs of fading or cracking. When designing your customized t-shirt be sure to explore the possibilities with all of our available printing techniques to make sure you choose the one with the right technique for your design.

Re-cap of the different printing options

1. Screen Printing. The most durable of all the processes. Screen printing using spot colors (or single colors, not blended) will be charged by the number of locations for the prints and the number of colors in the image. For every color used in an image there is a setup fee to create the screen, the standard setup fees/screen are $20-$30.
So for example, a 4 color job would run you $80 for just the setup fees, then add in the cost of a basic shirt $4 and the printing fee 4x$1.25: $5. You can see how this would make for a very expensive shirt. Most places would require a minimum of 12 shirts, maybe more/design.

2. Screen Printing, process color printing (also very durable).This process is similar to above, however the image is separated into CMYK colors and then when they print they blend. Most places offer this only for white or light colored shirts, however, we do have a supplier that will do this process on black shirts, but they minimum is very high – 150 shirts I believe. Costs for this process are higher than spot color printing and a vector art work file that is color separated to CMYK must be provided so images won’t work for this.

3. Direct to Garment Printing. The image will start to fade after about 100 washes or so. A good option for multiple color jobs, but it can only be used on white or very light colored shirts due to how the ink blends with the shirt color. Setup fees for this process would be $30/image plus the cost of the shirt $4 plus the printing fee $7-9/shirt. Again, 12 is usually the minimum.

4. Heat Vinyl Transfer. The image will last about 40-50 washes. It’s a bit more durable then the other transfer process, but you are limited to a single color vinyl, possibly two at the most if they don’t overlap each other. Your image is cut using a vinyl cutter and then it’s applied to the shirt. Again, a good option for one-off’s or for low qty. The images can be larger than paper size for this too.

5. Heat Transfers. The image will last about 30-40 washes (least durable). You remember the old iron-on images that you could buy at a craft store and then use an iron to put it on? Well this is just like that, only the paper has improved. A lot of the places online that offer single shirts for sale use this process. The image is restricted to a paper size and we use a heavy duty heat press to apply (iron’s don’t cut it). There are special papers so it can be used on black/dark shirts as well as on white/light shirts. It is the least durable, but for a quick job it’s not a bad option. It’s also suitable for one-off or low qty shirts.

Shirt Sizing Tips
A common question we receive about clothing is regarding sizing for women. A shirt designed for a women will have a differernt cut then the unisex type. The sleeves are shorter and the length as well.

So what size do you select? I always suggest looking at the spec sheet, but here are some guidelines to help.