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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I supply the shirts or do you have them? We can do either. We have accounts setup with shirt suppliers so we may be able to get what you want at a better price if you buy them from us, however, if you have your own source, you can provide them to us that way too. If you provide your own we do have some things to mention: No guarantee for shirts w/material blend of 80% or less cotton. Not responsible for misprints up to 2% (144+) or 5%(1 minimum)(1-143). Maximum reimbursement per shirt not to exceed the cost of printing the shirt or a maximum of $5, whichever is greater. Garment defects are expected so we recommended to order more garments than needed for each size. Shirts must be ready for printing, i.e. no tags or baggies. Shirts not ready have a $0.25 fee/shirt.
  • What format do you need the image/artwork? The format we NEED will depend upon the printing process you use. The most common is spot color printing. Spot Color Printing (meaning single ink colors that are not combined to create other colors when printed): We would like to have “camera-ready” artwork in the form of .CDR (Corel Draw), .PDF, .EPS however, we realize that the “average-joe” doesn’t always have a lot of these programs. So we will also accept high quality image files (300 dpi minimum and sized to the actual printing size), .JPG, .PNG, .GIF. If you still have questions about if your artwork will work for us, you can always send it to us and we’ll take a look. If it’s not up to our standards, we’ll do up to 15 minutes of artwork for you for free and then after that will be an additional fee.
  • How much time do you need? Our standard turn-around time is 2 weeks from the time artwork is approved and payment/deposit is received. We know that sometimes this is too long for customers, so if you NEED it faster, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. Often times, depending upon our jobs in house, we can turn-around an order in about 1 week. We do offer a rush service, but there will be an additional fee for this: 2 day: Add 50%, 3 day: Add 25% (after art approval and payment/deposit).
  • Do you have setup fees? Yes. The initial setup fee is $20/color/screen. Reorder setup fees (Less than 144 pieces) is $5/color/side. If you reorder within 30 days of when the previous order was ready for pickup/delivery then we’ll waive the reorder setup fees.
  • Is there a fee for changing ink colors for the same artwork? Yes. We charge an ink change fee of $10/color/screen. Some customers will want to put the same artwork on different colored shirts, like white and black shirts, but because of this the ink colors need to be changed around. We will do this, but it takes us extra time for cleaning the screens for the ink color changes.
  • What are the standard ink colors available for printing? White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Magenta/Wine. We also have Polyester White for specialty printing on polyester shirts ($10 fee for using this specialty ink).
  • Can you add numbers and names to the back of shirts? Yes. The fee for a 1-2 digit number is $3.95 ea. and the fee for a number is $3.95 ea.