Unleash the Beast!

Rather than dazzle you with a vast array of products and services, we have just a few basic services for websites.

Small Business Website
As a small business owner, you probably recognize the need for a website but don’t have a large budget (money or time) for one. We have one basic template, similar to this site and here is an example of a customer’s website created with this as well. We will set up a customized website for you based on this template. You can change the color scheme, the images and of course the content. The basic template includes 3 pages, but we will include up to 2 additional pages at no charge. All for just a one time fee of $99.

We can also create a website for you using WordPress themes. Although you can use these themes (layouts) as is, we’ve found that 9 times out of 10 customers require customization. Here is an example of a customer website created using one of these customized themes. Prices start at $199 for these type of websites.

Basic Web Hosting
We offer basic web hosting for just $7.95/month. This is perfect for hosting the small business websites listed above but you don’t have to have us create your site to host with us. If you already have a website we’ll be happy to host it for the same low rate.
You will receive 24/7 tech support too. Also, nothing says “amateur” quite like using a generic host like yahoo or gmail for your business email address. If you host with us you will also receive as many as 10 e-mail addresses at your website. So instead of, your email address will be

Domain Name
If you need a domain name, we’ll be happy to set one up for you. The cost is a one time fee of $20 per name. If you already have a domain name, please let us know who your registrar (i.e. Go Daddy, Network Solutions, Tucows etc) is and we’ll instruct you from there.

Still wondering what the difference is between a domain name registration and hosting? Read the explanation here.

If you are ready to get started on your website, be prepared. The most difficult part of creating a website is content. We can’t create your website content for you. Take some time and get your content ready before placing your order.

Creating Content and the “look” of your new website.
1. Color Scheme. How do you want it to look.
a. Background color.
b. Header color.
c. Accent color.

2. Provide Company Info
• Company Name
• Company Address
•Company Phone
• Company Email
• Company Tagline (Optional)

3. Company Logo: Provide an image of your company logo. The image must be of high quality, with a minimum 300 dpi and sized at a minimum of 2” wide. We accept JPG, GIF, TIF, PDF and some others.

4. Page 1, HOME page
• Page Text (At least 1 paragraph is required).

5. Page 2 (Optional), for example: SERVICES
• Page Text (At least 1 paragraph is required).

6. Additional Pages you want and the names of the pages.
• Page Text (At least 1 paragraph is required).

7. Domain Name? If you already have a domain name, please provide, otherwise, we can help you obtain one for a small fee.

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